Feeling English

A few recent pieces linking to the theme of civic patriotism…

“The heroes of England, past and present, are the ones who enhance our wellbeing – physically, intellectually, culturally. Think of the many outstanding English scientists and inventors; thoughtful critics and dedicated campaigners; the great writers, artists, and composers; outstanding stars in sports and entertainment; and above all, think of our abundance of everyday heroes, like our soldiers, teachers, police officers, firefighters, doctors, and nurses, and many others who dedicate their lives to serve our common good.”

A must read from Henry Tam on what Englishness means to him.

“Moeen Ali is now one of the most significant cricketers of this generation because of that faith and because of his crucial status as a role model for British Asians.

“He wants kids like him to aspire to play for England, as I did.”

Nasser Hussain on Englishness and what Moeen Ali is doing for cricket and British Asians.

““As an English person, I would like to declare up front: I do not want to be English”. In a sentence, this tells you why the UK is no longer in the European Union.”

Anthony Barnett trails his new book ‘The Lure of Greatness: an English Brexit and America’s Trump’.