Cllr Vince Maple writes about the recent ELN event in Ashford


I was really pleased to be asked to take part in the first English Labour Network event in Kent kindly hosted by Ashford CLP.  It’s not often the main task of the host is to fetch more chairs – that how popular the event was!

It was also great to be part of the panel that consisted of John Denham, Ed Rennie and Cllr Naushabah Khan.

After some wide ranging initial contributions, the following discussion really highlighted to me the value of the English Labour Network.

There were a range of views shared around different aspects – whether that is the shape of democratic structures in England, or the fact that England was the only nation not to have either it’s own national anthem, or featured in the EU remain campaign as it was branded Britain Stronger In compared to Scotland Stronger In or Wales Stronger In.

It was also a good opportunity to explain to some people, hearing about the English Labour Network for the first time, the strong support across the broad church of the Labour Party for having such a space to debate such issues.

I would really encourage any CLP looking for an interesting discussion to organise such an event.

Contact if your keen to host an ELN event in your local area.

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