Has Southgate’s England team made Englishness more inclusive?

Football may not be coming home, but the achievements of Gareth Southgate’s England team go far beyond sport.

We have already posted pieces on Your England that show how perceptions of Englishness are changing amongst the Left, but these two pieces from Sunny Hundal and Rabil Sikdar feel particularly important.

In the Metro, Sunny writes:

“Our football team is the most inclusive symbol of Englishness we have. It rallies people of different backgrounds under the St. George’s flag like nothing else.

“Southgate is leading more than just a bunch of men playing football. He is in charge of a national symbol that also unites us. Growing up, it was only by watching football and sharing the joys of winning (or more likely the jokes that followed after we lost) that made me appreciate English identity and its symbolism.”


In the Huffington Post, Rabil writes:

“For a British Asian such as myself, there was something oddly illuminating about this tournament. As if years of watching England through some sort of foggy prism had given way to enlightening clarity, brought about by a reinterpretation of identity.”

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