Rachel Reeves MP: Labour needs a radical story for England outside London

Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves has written for LabourList ahead of her talk at our event tomorrow (Saturday 20 October) on how Labour can reach more voters in Yorkshire.

Rachel talks of the need to win seats in small towns if we are to win a majority at the next election, and points to Shipley, Pudsey and Morley and Outwood as seats we must win in Yorkshire.

Here’s a snippet. The full article is available here.

“We need a story for, and about, what Anthony Barnett calls ‘England without London’.

“It is not hard to find a whole host of English radical traditions, from the Diggers and Levellers in the 17th century to the Chartists campaigning for the vote in the 19th, to ethical socialists like William Morris and R.H. Tawney, and the suffragettes and suffragists. The Labour Party has always benefited from radicals in this tradition, from leaders like George Lansbury and Clement Attlee to great – and proudly northern – socialist women like Ellen Wilkinson and Barbara Castle.

“Politically and constitutionally, we need to end the status quo where decisions and power continue to be kept under close guard by Westminster and Whitehall, even when it could be better used for people and communities at a local level.”

You can register for our event here.

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