Winning England by going local

This autumn the English Labour Network has held a series of Winning England events across the country, in Dagenham, Yorkshire, Hull and Staffordshire.

We have heard from MPs Jon Trickett, John Denham, Rachel Reeves, Diana Johnson, Gareth Snell and Ruth Smeeth, Leeds Council leader Judith Blake and Labour parliamentary candidates Mark McDonald and Terence Smith. More events will follow in the New Year.

In this Labour List piece our director John Denham explains why these discussions are so important.

“We cannot build a stronger, fairer society on the foundations of a divided nation. Democratic socialism – ‘for the many not the few’ – needs a ‘many’ who identify with each other, and who want to work together to build a better world. The wreckage of Brexit, with England divided (as it would have been if Remain had won) into winners and losers, is corrosive for any progressive politics.

“Labour must win across this divided nation. There too few Canterburys and Kensingtons, and too many constituencies like my old seat, Southampton Itchen that, having list its traditional industries, is now Tory. The English Labour Network was the first Labour organisation to show that the next election would be decided in the England of the towns, the seaside areas and the old industrial villages; places outside and often disconnected from the major cities. These are patriotic places where people are proud to be both British and English, but more likely to say they are English. We also said that England is the most centralised nation in Europe. People in the towns are denied the tools, the powers and resources they need to shape their communities and rebuild their economy.”

You can read the full article here.

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