90 Second England – How are you celebrating St George’s Day?

In our latest #90SecondEngland round up we look ahead to St George’s Day, and call on Labour members to mark the occasion.

In our recent briefing ‘For England, Labour and St George’, we included a suggestion for a motion for members to put forward at their local Labour branch meeting:

“That this Labour branch supports Labour’s 2017 manifesto commitment to mark St George’s Day as a national holiday; welcomes the discussion document from the English Labour Network about Labour and English national identity; agrees to hold a discussion with Labour members about how we can celebrate St George’s Day.”

In #90SecondEngland we also report back from our event in Stroud, where members suggested their own ideas for marking St George’s Day. For more on this, and for speeches from David Drew MP and Cllr Kate Haigh, click here.

We also take a look at the launch of Labour’s English local elections campaign.


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