#90secondEngland ed.10 – You don’t have to be white to be English

In 90 second England ed.10 we welcome the news that now 90% of the population don’t think you have to be white to be English. A new study by British Future and the Centre for English Identity and Politics suggests that acceptance of diversity is growing. Building an inclusive Englishness is one of the English Labour Network’s core aims.

We cover our director John Denham’s recent Fabian Society Southern Conference talk on why Labour must bridge England’s divides. Regardless of the party’s policy on Brexit, Labour must recognise that both Leavers and Remainers hold values that Britain needs, John argues.

We also renew our call for an English Labour Manifesto, with the possibility of a snap General Election in the autumn.

We note Labour’s failure to Say England in its recent ‘Land for the many’ report, and we share details of our upcoming event in Reading on 16 July.

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