#90secondEngland ed.11 – English voters, English interests

Welcome to the 11th edition of 90 second England.

Like it or not, English voters and English interests are shaping our politics. According to YouGov a majority of England’s voters think England has different interests to the rest of the union on issues like university fees, the EU, the NHS, immigration, social care and schools.

Further still, more than 50% of Labour’s own 2017 voters say it is important for a political party to stand up for English issues, but less than a quarter think Labour does.

Labour’s biggest challenge is the nearly one in three who say they are ‘more English than British’. Three-quarters want English MPs to make English laws. A majority would like a parliament for England.

But Labour is struggling to reach them. Nine of ten want political parties to stand up for England. Only half can identify any party that does. And only 4% – yes, just 4% – think that’s Labour.

In 2015, English voters who didn’t want the SNP bossing a minority Labour government gave David Cameron his unexpected majority. English voters delivered Brexit in 2016 and denied Labour victory in 2017.

Despite these powerful English interests Labour currently shows little interest in England, never talks about it and brands its English campaign ‘Rebuilding Britain’. Is the party doing so well we can ignore this important group of voters?

The English Labour Network is campaigning for an English Labour Manifesto to help Labour reach more people in England. Sign up to lend your support.

You can also read John Denham’s LabourList piece on English interests here.

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