90 second England ed.12 – Why we need an English Labour Manifesto

Our latest 90 second England is all about why Labour needs to produce an English manifesto at the next general election. You can join our campaign here.

The last Labour government introduced massive constitutional reform, devolving powers to Scotland and Wales and, later, Northern Ireland. But promises of democratic devolution to England were abandoned. Apart from the Mayor of London, England was left unchanged, and is still the most centralised nation in Europe.

This lack of interest in England was symptomatic of how Labour lost touch with millions of English-identifying voters from 2001 onwards. English identifiers also gave most support to Brexit. Though many have left-of-centre economic views, they don’t see Labour as standing for people like them and have drifted to parties on the right. Labour needs to show it sees England, hears England, and can offer England a positive future. An Labour manifesto for England would help to do this. It would bring together all the policy that is for England only. It would offer the English the vision of a positive, progressive England.

The bold policies within an English Labour Manifesto would also evoke a radical, English tradition that Labour must rediscover. And with Scottish nationalism a real threat the union, the English manifesto would help Labour show England that the party can reflect English interests, and avoid a repeat of the 2015 general election whereby our party was seen to be in the SNP’s pockets.

Sign up to support the campaign here.

You can also read our detailed submission to Labour’s Democracy Review.

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