How English is your town?

The English Labour Network works to focus the Labour Party’s attention on England
We want to help Labour win in every part of England. We are ‘for Labour in England;
and for England in Labour’.

Millions of voters in England identify proudly as English. The largest group say they
are ‘English and British’. Around one in three emphasise their Englishness: ‘more
English than British’.

These voters will be influential voters in many of the key marginals that will decide
the imminent election. Most important are the voters who are on the left on economic
issues; they are often working class and did not go to university; they live in larger
numbers outside big cities. They are certainly not the powerful people in England. By
any definition they are part of the ‘many’ not the ‘few’.

Many were once Labour voters or live in the ‘traditional Labour areas’ that are not so
strong for Labour these days. In this briefing, we summarise new evidence about
English voters and what they want from political parties. We give town-by-town
estimates of the numbers of English identifying voters and the importance of ‘English

Download ‘How English is my town?’

Read ‘English voters, English interests’ on LabourList.

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