Winning England – join us at Labour Conference

Labour has to win in England, and the party’s biggest challenge is amongst voters who identify as English.

Join us on Sunday 26 September, 12.30pm-2pm at the Old Ship Hotel to discuss what Labour can do to show it has a plan to govern England on the many issues where English policy differs from the devolved nations, and how it will devolve power within England.

Talking about England, its governance, its identity and its voters will be Shadow Cabinet members David Lammy MP and Lucy Powell MP, Cllr Naushabah Khan (Medway), James Meadway (former advisor to John McDonnell), Cllr Simon Henig (Durham), John Denham (former Minister, Director of the English Labour Network) and Dan Norris (West of England Metro Mayor). Chair: Natascha Engel (former Labour MP and Public First).

The English Labour Network is partnering with Public First to bring you this important discussion. Sign up to tell us your coming!