Briefings & key speeches

Briefing papers
As part of our work, the English Labour Network publishes briefing papers about Labour, England and English identity for Labour activists. These include:

  • How Labour Lost England sets out how Boris Johnson’s new votes in the 2019 election came from people who identify as more English than British, and how Labour’s vote share has been declining amongst English-identifiers since 2001.  
  • For Labour, England and St George: a guide to Labour and English identity that encourages Labour activists to mark St George’s Day.
  • Our submission to Labour’s internal democracy review: We called for Labour to publish an English Labour manifesto at the next general election, and for Labour members in England to be given the same policy-shaping rights as members in Scotland and Wales.

Key speeches
We’ve also heard some important interventions by influential figures regarding Labour and England. Here are some of those key speeches: