The Politics of England: speeches on reversing Labour’s decline (03/03/2020)

Last month the English Labour Network hosted an event in Parliament called “The Politics of England: How can Labour reverse two decades of decline?”

We heard some excellent contributions to the debate. You can read them all here:

  • Ros Wynne Jones’s opening remarks on why Englishness should matter to the Left.
  • John Denham on the English challenge that Labour must meet to win again, as set out in our recent report on the 2019 election.
  • Paula Surridge’s analysis on why “economics, values and identity should all matter to Labour”.
  • Justin Madders MP on what Labour must do to reconnect with voters in England.
  • David Lammy MP on his English identity, civic nationalism and the need for a compulsory civic service.
  • Sam Tarry MP on how Labour can unite England around progressive patriotism, constitutional change and community action.

Byline Times editor Hardeep Mathuru wrote about the event, and Labour’s recent report, here.

3 March event blurb
Labour has not won the popular vote in England since 2001. Boris Johnson’s majority was won in constituencies where voters were more likely to see themselves as English than British. The same voters were the core of the vote to Leave the EU and too often feel they have no political power. England is the most centralised nation in Europe and, London aside, England was ignored during the constitutional changes of the last Labour government.

There is no Labour route back to power without winning support amongst English voters. Join Sam Tarry MP, Justin Madders MP, David Lammy MP, Paula Surridge (University of Bristol) and chair Ros Wynne-Jones, to discuss whether a winning formula for Labour will include:

  • democratic decentralisation within England,
  • a willingness to speak to and about England as a nation,
  • and practical steps to encourage the progressive, inclusive English identity that is already developing.

Don’t forget to read the English Labour Network’s recent report “How Labour lost England”.