Founding Supporters

Shabana Mahmood MP for Birmingham Ladywood and Labour NEC member

“If Labour doesn’t help to develop and shape the rise of English national identity as a distinct force in British politics then there is a danger that this space is instead commandeered and land grabbed by those that cultivate grievance, who prey on fear and insecurity and who offer the simple certainty of the blame game. The English Labour Network will provide a space where a positive, inclusive and progressive vision of what it means to be English in the 21st Century can be forged”.

Jon Cruddas MP for Dagenham and Rainham

“The English Labour Network is important to ensure all parts of the country are represented in and by Labour and that we don’t withdraw into exclusively big city representation.”

Liam Byrne MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill

“The English Labour tradition is old, bold and radical. It’s rediscovery is long, long overdue. The English Labour Network is a new chance to re-connect with tradition, history and culture that will help us renew some old fashioned solidarity in a fast changing world.”

Sam Tarry (supporting in a personal capacity) National political officer, TSSA:

“The freedoms we enjoy today, have always been fought for – from the Peasants revolt, the Levellers, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, to Ned Ludd, the Chartists, or the emancipation fought for by the Suffragettes, and indeed the more recent electoral defeat of the BNP in Barking and across England. Our history, has a radical tradition – one that deserves more celebration, and recognition, as we forge an English national identity that recognises its diversity as a strength, and is inclusive for all – from individuals of many heritages, to historic English regions and their unique identities.  It can be an English Labour Party that demonstrates that a socialist vision is a patriotic one, because nothing is more patriotic than building a society for the many; not the few.”

Alice Perry Councillor and Labour NEC member

“Last year’s referendum changed UK politics for ever. The government must get serious about English devolution. With people voting to ‘take back control’, we need to be actively handing back power, accountability and resources to local communities.”

John Denham Former Secretary of State and Director, English Labour Network

Judith Blake Leader of Leeds City Council

Vince Maple Councillor and Leader of Medway Labour Group

Polly Billington Former PPC for Thurrock

Jonathan Rutherford Writer

Michael Kenny Cambridge

Dr Emily Robinson Academic, Sussex University

Paul Hilder Co-Founder, Crowdpac

Morgan McSweeney Labour Together

Joe Jervis 
English Labour Network

Scott Langdon Campaigner

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