Reasons to support the English Labour Network

Labour’s gains in the 2017 election have put the party in a great position to take the next step, into government. To do this Labour needs to win in England.

The English Labour Network will face outwards, supporting activists at every level of the party and in every part of England to make Labour’s case. We’ll support Labour in power in local authorities, share campaigns that promote Labour’s values, and help shape an appeal to English voters that is both patriotic and progressive.

There are compelling reasons why Labour needs a clear appeal to England.

Electoral: Labour must win England. Despite Labour’s welcome recovery in Scotland and strength in Wales, we cannot rely on success in these nations to deliver a Labour majority at the next election. We must continue to build support across England.

Political: To win England, Labour policy and values must attract voters in every village, town and city across England and beyond our current areas of support.

Cultural: Labour’s support is weaker amongst those voters who identify more strongly as English than British. Labour must build a progressive, patriotic appeal.

Constitutional: Labour is committed to a constitution convention, the possibility of a federal UK, a minister for England, and ‘a relationship of equals’ between England and the other nations. We need a clear place for England within a reformed union and an English Labour majority must be able to deliver Labour policy in England.

Local: Labour is in power in English councils, combined authorities and mayoralties. We must celebrate their achievements and give them a stronger voice in English Labour policy making. Our manifesto committed us to be ‘the party of devolution’ and we must support the lasting transfer of power and resources to city-regions and counties.

Democratic: Scottish and Welsh Labour enjoy a high degree of autonomy from UK Labour; English Labour members should enjoy the same rights to make policy for England.

Organisational: Labour can only make a powerful case for England if it is organised to do so. Different parts of England have different needs and priorities.

The English Labour Network will work hard to meet each of these objectives and build support for Labour in every part of England, but we can only achieve this with your help. Sign up here.