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23/04/2018: It’s OK to celebrate St George’s Day – if you accept Englishness is not exclusively white – John Denham writes for The New Statesman

23/04/2018: Labour needs to get over its fear of Englishness – John Denham writes for The Daily Telegraph

18/04/2018: English Labour Network launch For England, For Labour and St George

02/04/2018: Why Does Our Labour Party Refuse to Talk About England? – John Denham writes for LabourList

23/02/2018: Who Makes Policy for England? – John Denham writes for The Fabians

09/02/2018: Why Labour Needs An English Labour Manifesto – John Denham writes for The Huffington Post

18/11/17: Labour’s Democracy Review must support an English manifesto – John Denham write for LabourList

26/09/2017: Winning in England could put Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street – Shabana Mahmood and John Denham for LabourList

24/09/2017: [Corbyn] can’t win without Englander support – John Denham in the Mail On Sunday

20/09/2017: Labour Should Reclaim The England Flag And Woo ‘Patriotic’ Voters, Former Cabinet Minister Urges – Huffington Post

04/08/2017: The left must stop stereotyping the English as racist – John Denham for New Statesman

19/07/2017: Labour is taking on the crisis of Englishness with a bold campaign – Liam Byrne MP, Guardian

18/07/2017: Three Lions? The three ways Labour must win England – John Denham for Fabian Review

18/07/17: Winning England – John Denham for Progress Online

18/07/17: Labour group urges party to do more to appeal to the English – The Guardian

18/07/17: Denham and key Corbyn ally join forces for “patriotic” English Labour initiative – LabourList

18/07/17: Labour’s left and right unite to launch the ‘English Labour Network’ – Labour Vision

18/07/17: We are the patriotic party. Our new network will give England a voice – John Denham for LabourList