Your England projects

Your England is our new online resource. Here we’ll post interviews, news and links to help us understand more about the politics of England and English national identity.

Your England is divided into the following projects.

For Labour, For England and St George

We have launched For Labour, For England and St George – a briefing for Labour members on why national identity matters to the left and how we have much to gain and nothing to lose from progressive patriotism.

Is this England?

Is this England? is a a place where we highlight the imbalances of power and injustices within England, where decisions are taken to serve the elites rather than the common good of the English people.


Building Jerusalem

Building Jerusalem focuses on how we can build a better England which works for the many, not just the few. In time it will become a valuable resource for Labour activists across the country as we post the results of our research and promote our campaigns. We’ll draw heavily on our desire to build a progressive patriotism that puts the interests of the English people ahead of elites and promotes the idea of the common good.

ELN interviews

To mark our launch, Cllr Sam Stopp is conducting a series of interviews with senior Labour figures focused on three dimensions:

  • What it will take for Labour to win England.
  • England’s place within the union and devolution within England.
  • English cultural identity and politics.

You can read the interviews here.