Is this England? links

Is this England? highlights the imbalances of power and burning injustices within England, where decisions are taken to serve the elites rather than the common good of the English people.

You’ll find our latest posts here, with many more examples below.

Corporate behaviour: Theresa May’s corporate governance reforms are a shadow of what she promised in her manifesto, as shown here. Meanwhile, the excesses and unscrupulous behaviour continue.

Powerful elites: Examples of the elites preserving their wealth at the expense of the common good.

Financial system: The financial crash of 2008 exposed a system that is failing to work for the common good. But how much has changed?

Transport: We’ve posted about the lack of infrastructure spending in the North here. See also:

Gambling: We’ve covered issues of exploitation in the gambling industry, and the government’s failure to act on FOBTs here.

Universities: Universities are continuing to reward Vice Chancellors with huge pay packets and fancy houses while students get saddled with debt. Read the coverage:

Housing: The UK’s housing market exacerbates inequality, with power concentrated in the hands of owners. Here are some of the worst examples: